Black Hole Berlin

16-19.3 – Film Installation (free entry)

Chris Morrin, Stefan Lars | 2016 | 59min

Black Hole Berlin is a poetic ten-chapter film dealing with ten topics about one city that relates to all.

Rebellious street art and haunting soundtracks deliver the synaesthetic backdrop to ten dislocated solipsistic dialogues with the city’s many walls, in which various struggling artists search for genuine human expression, hope and meaning.

It unfolds threateningly like a propaganda film, but just like our hyper informational world, it implodes onto itself creating a void of messages, leaving us vulnerable.

The film, conceptualized as an art installation, is a journey into a collective shadow consciousness.

Its black and white claviature aesthetics disguise a world of colour, contradictions, love and revolt, giving rise to a darker existential struggle in a world of haste and inevitable change, perpetually delving into the unnerving feeling our world has to change for the better.

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