Intermission + Marky’s Bad Week

BERLIN | SAT 17.3. | 18:45 | Book Tickets

DÜSSELDORF | SUN 25.3. | 20:15 | Book Tickets

Marky’s Bad Week
Daniel Holmwood | 2017 | 6min
After having the worst week of his life, Marky decides to take the edge off with a spliff. But things go from bad to worse when he realises he’s lost his nodge of hash.

Intermission 15th Anniversary Screening
John Crowley | 2003 | 1h 45min
After Dublin resident John (Cillian Murphy) attempts a “trial” breakup with his girlfriend (Kelly Macdonald), she starts dating a middle-aged banker, and John quickly realizes his mistake. A chance encounter introduces him to small-time crook Lehiff (Colin Farrell), and together they team up to get revenge on the banker by stealing from his bank. Unluckily for them, a local hotshot police detective (Colm Meaney) has it out for Lehiff, and his increased scrutiny threatens to unravel their plot.