Revolutions + Neon

BERLIN | SUN 18.3. | 17:00 | Book Tickets

DÜSSELDORF | SUN 25.3. | 17:00 | Book Tickets

*In Berlin, the screening will be followed by a conversation with Sixxi Blitz from Bear City Roller Derby

Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair | 2017 | 6min
Neon is a break-neck, cyberpunk action sci-fi set in a future decaying world.

Revolutions German Premiere
Laura McGann | 2016 | 1h 27min
Young Irish women go on a high-octane Roller Derby odyssey in search of a means for self-expression, a fight to be fought, and, above all, a team that needs them. But how will responsibility and power affect the new leaders? With total access over 4 years, starting with the first-ever Irish team as they prepare for the World Cup in 2011, Revolutions follows this exciting sports arc, capturing the story as it unfolds, and observing fascinating rivalries and real character development.