Shorts | The Female Gaze

BERLIN | FRI 16.3. | 20:45 | Book Tickets

*The screening will be followed by an AMA with members of the Berlin-Ireland Pro Choice Solidarity

Jelly Baby
Naomi Fagan | 2017 | 17min
The hidden desperation of an outwardly tough single mother is revealed when she is forced to find the balance between her maternal duties and her own desires.


Aoife Nic Ardghail, Kate Dolan | 2017 | 12min
Maura, an aspiring poet, has been dumped in a voice mail. Now she’s wallowing in grief and self-loathing and has an insatiable hunger for chocolate mousse. And bacon. And wine. To get out of this funk, she decides to use her wordsmith powers to win back her beau.

Sinéad O’Loughlin | 2016 | 14min
A young man struggles to find his place in the world after returning to Ireland. A familiar face makes him wonder if things are about to change.


Tit for TattTit for Tatt
Mairéad Ní Thréinir | 2017 | 20min
Tit for Tatt follows the experiences of two breast cancer survivors who were inspired to mark their battles by getting tattoos on their surgery scars.


Aoífe Doyle | 2017 | 9min
An Irish grandmothers unexpected departure from her lonely life.